Digitize your recruitment department and free up time for your recruiters to focus on the important aspects of attracting and engaging with your future talents!


8 good reasons to use ditaso

Save time

Save time and resources by digitizing as many manual processes as possible, as well as improving your results.

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Online recruitment

Create an online recruitment process in 15 minutes and ensure it is aligned and documented – no need for long coffee meetings.

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Customised interview guides

Use customised interview guides to pinpoint the most relevant professional and personal qualities that are important for your position.

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360-degree online assessment

Get knowledge based, valid online tools and data to make transparent assessments of your candidates.

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Mobile-friendly sales pitch

Create a professional sales pitch in minutes with mobile friendly corporate and job presentations.

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No installation

Get up and running in no time! ditaso is hosted in the cloud – quick implementation and easy access from anywhere.

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Online references

Collect references online and avoid spending unnecessary time coordinating with references, while also providing them the opportunity to submit their feedback at their convenience.

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Store all necessary documentation in one place, for present and future reference. You will also have your candidates’ approval of your storing their CV – ensuring you act in accordance with personal data laws.

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ditaso makes it easy to gain an overview and good flow in your recruitments

Create a sales pitch for your candidates

Become crystal clear on the profile you are looking for and get a great start to your recruitment process

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Start your search

Do targeted searches and build a strong field of candidates who match your desired profile

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Interview & evaluate

Send invitations, evaluate your candidates and communicate easily with them throughout the process

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Collect references

Receive online references and 360-degree assessments on your candidates

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Use the registered data on the candidate’s salary and job expectations to draw up a contract

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ditaso – digital talent sourcing

Dear small and medium-sized businesses,

Have you missed a fairly priced and seamless recruitment SaaS solution on the market? Ditaso fills that hole. Keywords are; a plug and play solution without binding and implementation fees and with transparent prices far below market level. Ditaso is an alternative to current systems with long contractual bindings, and high and nonuniform price plans.

We have all heard a lot about the the newly implemented GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with sharpened demands regarding data storage. In short, IT IS NO LONGER LEGAL to store personal data about your candidates in your inbox, or receive applications in an email, as many SMBs have been accustomed to.

Stine Amina Toft


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