This is why you should choose ditaso

It is crucial for successful recruitment that your recruiters are not buried in administration, but have time to strengthen the dynamics and undefined as culture, chemistry, and the constantly changing circumstances that affect us all.

ditaso was developed with the intention to digitize as many manual tasks as possible in the recruitment process, to help create more bandwidth for recruiters and hiring managers to focus on areas where IT solutions fall short.

Many people are involved in a typical recruitment process, and we have taken everyone’s user experience into consideration and made it easy for all to contribute their competencies and insights throughout the recruitment process.

In short, ditaso brings a big smile to the face of hiring managers and recruitment consultants, and we would like to share 8 good reasons for that:

Need 8 good reasons to use ditaso?

  1. Save time
  2. Online recruitment
  3. Tailored interview guides
  4. 360-degree online candidate assessment
  5. Mobile-friendly presentations of your company and positions
  6. Quick implementation
  7. Online references
  8. Documentation & GDPR

1. Save time and resources

By digitizing as many manual processes as possible, you optimise the use of time and resources spent recruiting. This frees up time for managers and HR professionals to focus on what is most important – spending time getting to know your candidates.

2. Designed for online recruitment

Create a new recruitment process in 10-15 minutes and make a good start with a well defined and aligned profile, ensuring that everybody knows the foundation and objective of the search.

Much of the communication and exchange of documents is handled through ditaso, which may be especially helpful to global companies that have recruiters and hiring managers working in different locations.

ditaso speaks LinkedIn’ish – meaning, the search criteria you have defined, match the ones you find in LinkedIn and other candidate databases around the world.

3. Tailored interview guides

ditaso automatically generates an online interview template with questions that aim to create clarity on how your candidates match your search criteria.

The template helps ensure that your candidates’ qualities and competences are evaluated against the same criteria in accordance with the profile you are looking for.

4. 360-degree online candidate assessment

ditaso has a 360-degree assessment built into the recruitment process. Having a strong tool that provides knowledge based valid data helps you make transparent assessments of your candidates. This ensures you have the most important facts in place when you make your evaluations.

You can also rate candidates throughout the process, which gives you an easy overview of your front runners.

5. It goes both ways – Impress your candidates!

Upload videos and other material and create a mobile-friendly company presentation. This is an easy and effective way to create a great sales pitch for your candidates.

With a few clicks, candidates can get involved in the process.

6. Get started quickly!

ditaso is hosted in the cloud and is easy to implement. You have access to ditaso from your mobile phone, tablet and computer, from anywhere in the world.

All your data is highly secured and stored within the EU. We assist you in keeping in accordance with local data laws by for example automatically deleting inactive candidates’ data.

7. Online references

Collect references’ feedback online and give the references the opportunity to submit their observations when it is most suitable for them, within the time frame you need.
This saves you time and ensures that the feedback has not been altered or misinterpreted by a third party – high objectivity and quality.

8. All documentation gathered in one place

All your search criteria, interview notes, case material, references, etc., are gathered and saved in one place. The information you need is therefore easy to find, and you do not have to spend time uploading or forwarding documents.

When you start up a new process, you can copy data from a previous project or go back to review and find inspiration as to how you might adjust your search strategy if needed.

In addition, ditaso helps your company comply to GDPR / General Data Protection Regulation.

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