This is why you should choose ditaso

It is crucial for successful recruitment that your recruiters are not buried in administration, but instead have the time to strengthen the dynamics such as culture, chemistry and the constantly changing circumstances that affect us all.


We offer an intuitive recruitment system with transparent prices, completely without binding or implementation costs.

In addition, we can also promise you that you save at least 5-10 hours per recruitment, whilst you are giving your candidates a professional and good experience.

In short, ditaso puts a big smile on both the managers and recruitment consultants and the 8 most obvious reasons to smile we would like to share with you here:

8 good reasons to use ditaso

  1. Save time
  2. The system works for both experienced and non-experienced
  3. System gives structure
  4. Digital tools and better results
  5. Candidates get professional experience
  6. Fast and very user-friendly!
  7. Digitalized proven methods
  8. Control of the GDPR

1. Save time and resources

By digitizing as many manual processes as possible, you will achieve great savings of both time and resources. Both leaders and HR managers will have time to focus on their principal tasks.

2. ditaso is a user-friendly intuitive

Create a new recruitment process in 10-15 minutes, which will be shared on relevant job portals via a few clicks. Create a well-defined requirement specification using the digital tools in ditaso.

Give the candidate a good experience, when they are searching after jobs, for example by putting up your ad on several portals.


3. Structure and better results in the recruitment process

ditaso creates an overview and clarify on how candidates match your search criteria and how far they are in the process.

ditaso creates frames of the candidates’ qualities and competencies so that these will be clarified in a consistent way, and also in accordance with the required specification in the profile.

4. Hire the best possible candidate

Use the best well-documented processes to look after your candidates. By doing so, it ensures you that the most crucial facts are in place when you make your evaluation.

You can evaluate the candidates continuously and quickly get an overview to see which candidate are your forerunners in the field.

5. It goes both ways – Impress your candidates!

Upload videos and other material in a mobile-friendly company presentation. This is an easy and effective way to create a great sales pitch for your candidates.

It will be easy for your candidates to search for a job in your company, and in the meantime, they are giving you permission to hold their data.

6. Get started quickly and free!

ditaso is hosted in the cloud and is easy to implement. You have access to ditaso from your mobile phone, tablet, and computer, from anywhere in the world.

All your data is highly secured and stored, and we will help you to comply with the GDPR / Personal Data Regulation.

7. Let the references take care of itself

By retrieving references online, the referrers have the opportunity to submit their feedback within the timeframe and at their convenience.
This saves you time and ensures that the feedback quality and the objectivity remain high.

8. Collect all of your documentation in one place

All your search criteria, interview notes, case material, references, etc., are gathered and saved in one place. The information you need is therefore easy to find, and you do not have to spend time uploading or forwarding documents.

You can also easily find the stored data when a new process needs to be started or if you are in need of some older information.

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