Fairly priced and seamless

Dear small and medium-sized businesses,

Have you missed a fairly priced and seamless recruitment SaaS solution on the market? Ditaso fills that hole. Keywords are; a plug and play solution without binding and implementation fees and with transparent prices far below market level. Ditaso is an alternative to current systems with long contractual bindings, and high and nonuniform price plans.

We have all heard a lot about the the newly implemented GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with sharpened demands regarding data storage. In short, IT IS NO LONGER LEGAL to store personal data about your candidates in your inbox, or receive applications in an email, as many SMBs have been accustomed to.

We have poured our heart, skills and energy into developing a simple and functional recruitment system for you, that is both easy to get started with, and that looks great in terms of the interface, and the content you send to your candidates.

It can be time consuming to manage a lot of applications, and to pick out the best from your inbox. It is equivalent to working with our sales pipeline via the inbox and Excel. Luckily that process has been replaced by smart and cheap CRM SaaS solutions in most SMBs, who work professionally within sales. Now the time is ripe for SMBs to also manage the important task of recruiting their future colleagues, in a much more professional way.

Time consuming recruitment processes with confirmations, screenings, invitation for interviews, rejections as well as phone calls and collecting references etc. is all in the past. Ditaso manages these types of tasks with a few clicks – online and effective. That you are also ensured to comply to the new GDPR, is just one out of many other advantages of choosing ditaso.

Ditaso has a simple design, with only the most relevant functions included. That means that all your managers and employees can easily use ditaso to recruit and administer your recruitment processes at a high level, even with limited experience and time to do so.

Let’s grow together.

Best Regards,

The Ditaso Team