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During 2016 and 2017, we witnessed a continuation of large scale digitization and disruption trends in our field of business and in many other industries.

However, in my opinion, the recruitment industry is no front runner in this regard. LinkedIn has obviously shook up the search and headhunting business considerably, THANK you LinkedIn! Although we could do without many of your irrelevant updates ;-)

A lot of processes are still not digitized in most recruitment departments, and that goes for internal as well as external recruiters. This means, it is not uncommon for companies to approach recruitment in much the same way as they did 10-15 years ago, using Excel and other manual systems, often in combination with a recruitment system for selection (when candidates apply themselves). All this despite considering recruitment to be ”hardcore” with KPIs, performance targets, and in many cases, absolutely critical for companies in terms of reaching growth targets - not to mention the implications of not hiring the right people for key positions.

Stine Amina Toft
Stine Amina Toft founder

Since I, as an HR Director and headhunter, did not come across digital solutions that encompassed all relevant parts of especially the search process (actively contacting candidates), I was inspired to develop a system that primarily facilitates the search part.

2016 has therefore been a year in which I have been immersed in the incredibly interesting process of developing our own search and selection tool; ditaso (digital talent sourcing) together with my partner, Jonathn Fekete and in cooperation with Callie Ebben. It has been a long journey, but we are very happy with the result.

My colleagues in my search company, Strepa, and I, have during the past 8 months keenly used and tested ditaso on all our clients in our search shop. In addition, we have invited some sharp and courageous pilot clients to test ditaso.

The results speak of a markedly improved utilisation of our capacity. Our search processes are better and faster, and most importantly, ditaso has enabled us to improve the quality of our pool of candidates. By using ditaso, strepa achieved the highest sales turnover and profit in its 12 years history.

We are now finally ready to launch ditaso for new clients. I believe in ditaso, and in the direction our market is moving, so much so, that I am willing to transfer our loyal clients from our search company, Strepa, to our digital solution, ditaso.

In the short run, this will no doubt imply both loss of income and revenue, as you will soon be just as awesome at search & selection, as we are. :-)

Thank you for your time, and good luck with all your recruitments!

Yours sincerely,

Stine Amina Toft
Founder, ditaso

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligents, but the one most responsive to change

Charles Darwin

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