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The idea behind ditaso…

...was developed by founder; Stine Amina Toft, who has made a career in the headhunting and recruitment industry since 2001. She was discouraged to see that the valuable discipline of recruitment in many companies was beginning to drown in operational procedures.

As the demands placed on HR and recruiters go up, there is a real risk of focus being diverted from the most important aspects of recruitment. In worst case, this means we are more likely to hire the wrong people. Inspired by the rise of digitization in many other industries, the idea of ditaso became more and more relevant and began to take form.

The purpose of ditaso is to provide a service minded, user-friendly, intuitive system that takes every user into consideration and ensures that the most important aspects of recruitment are given centre stage. Time is saved and the chances of getting the right people onboard are improved. This is what ditaso has to offer.

Stine Amina Toft
Stine Amina Toft founder
Johnny Fekete
Johnny Fekete co-founder
Camilla Mehl Markvorsen
Senior Project Manager
Dejvid Vidojević
Relationship Manager
Callie Ebben
On-boarding Consultant - associated
Henrik Lundum Board chairman
Carina Gjerløv Board member
Carsten Eliot Nielsen Board member

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